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Setup Settings Options

Configure Options to set key default behaviors for the system. Click Edit to the right of a setting to revise it.

Option Description
Customer Origination Instructions Page Provide helpful details or updates when customers log in to the Customer Portal.
Origination and Termination Ingress Addresses Let customers know where they should send calls; typically, these are the same.
Profit Assurance Default Enable Profit Assurance on all new accounts (found under Customer Routing Ingress Routing Price Limits).
Audit Comment When you save a change in the Control Panel, a box appears requesting an explanation for the change (visible under Setup Information Audit Log).
Support URL and Support Phone Information provided here passes to the Customer Portal, so customers know how to contact your support teams.
Payment Details You can add custom messages and display details such as bank account information, simplifying the payment process. This is for display purposes only.
Payment Description Description that's displayed for payment methods such as PayPal and Stripe.
Circuit Test User Select the account from which calls come for circuit testing.
Alpha and Beta Feature Previews Provide access to new and upcoming features.
Invoice Line Grouping Find whether generated invoices display one line per day or one line per destination.
Internal Number Range Start and Block Size Set the system-wide default start and range of private number blocks, which are then assigned to customers (per configuration instructions here). For example, you can set the Start field to 1000, and the Size to 1000. The first number block assigned to a customer ranges from 1000–1999. The next customer receives the range 2000–2999, etc.
Auto Logout System will log out a user after timing out.
Hybrid Menu Only When you use ConnexCS in Hybrid mode, this option hides unavailable items from the menu.